HMS Congratulates Sean Nasrey for winning a Detroit Music Award

Sean Nasrey, a Purchasing & Production Specialist at HMS, won a Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Children’s/Family Music Band. It was the first-ever online edition of the awards show and featured surprise guests such as Sting, Jeff Daniels, and Alice Cooper.


Sean plays the drums, kazoo, and performs vocals for Mr. Bob’s Rubber Band. The band performs for preschools, elementary schools, and even middle schools. Their tunes include nursery rhymes, covers of Motown, Beatles, Elvis, and even pop songs from Taylor Swift. Instead of “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” the band plays “50 Ways to Get to School.”


Sean has been playing music professionally since his early teenage years. He has played in a wide variety of bands spanning across musical genres. He once toured the Midwest and had dreams to make it big. Now he just plays for the love of music, not as a profession. The other band members are Bob Mervak on keys and vocals and Takashi Iio on bass and vocals.

11159539_539446769527727_7040555026444388094_n copy.jpg

Hiring Ramps Up for HMS Arkansas Facility


Steve Bayird, HMS Plant Manager - Arkansas.

HMS Mfg. Co. is opening a new injection molding facility in Little Rock, Arkansas. This facility will use state of the art injection molding processes, integrate cutting-edge manufacturing practices, and implement zero waste initiatives.

The 550,000 sq. ft. facility will run manufacturing operations 24/7 and warehousing operations between 8 to 10 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

Last year HMS hired Steve Bayird as Plant Manager for its new Arkansas facility. Steve has more than 20 years of experience in operation management within the plastics field. He previously worked at a local company in Little Rock for many years.

Steve is responsible for the daily management and safe coordination of all plant manufacturing and warehousing operations. He and his team have been working diligently to hire and fill positions necessary to get the Arkansas plant up and running this summer.

As an Arkansas native, Steve is a loyal Razorbacks fan and an alumnus of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He’s an avid sports fan and outdoorsman who takes time to enjoy the beauty of The Natural State. 

The team’s second hire for the Arkansas facility is Jay Sturgeon in the Senior Processing/Maintenance Engineer role. Jay is responsible for negotiating contracts for maintenance work, ensuring operational efficiency of equipment and mechanical systems, keeping the facility in good condition, and implementing workplace safety policies and standards.

HMS is in the process of hiring for several more open positions in its Arkansas location. Filling the Human Resources Supervisor position for Arkansas is a current high priority. Additionally, HMS is looking to hire production supervisors, a warehouse supervisor, shift supervisors, and quality supervisors to assist with manufacturing and warehousing operations in Arkansas.

For other operations, HMS is expecting to hire label-loaders, order pickers, production operators, and forklift operators. Other positions include maintenance technicians, process technicians, quality technicians, and tooling technicians.

If you’re interested in any of these positions, please check the current openings in our careers tab, or feel free to send your resume to We are especially interested in candidates with a background in the plastics industry and those who have RJG training.

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer for HMS Mfg. Co.

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Stola Debuts at the Creativation Show in Phoenix, Arizona

In January Stola took a trip out west to the Creativation trade show in Phoenix, Arizona. Creativation is a show for creative businesses to connect with each other and help attendees discover new creative products (like Stola!) in the market. It is North America’s largest and longest running creative industries trade event, according to the website. Our Stola sales person, Lexi, headed to Phoenix to show off our fashionable and functional products. Hopefully after this past weekend we’ll be able to offer you our stylish Stola products in even more places. 

Our Stola Creativation Booth

IMG_7808 copy.jpg

Since Stola is the main product category featured at Creativation, our Creative Services team designed a new booth for Stola’s debut at the show. The above picture gives you a little peek of the booth’s style—it’s very Stola chic. This booth displays our current line of Stola products offered on the online store, as well as some new patterns for the two totes and Essentials Case. We hope to have these patterns available for purchase soon!

Stay Tuned for Stola’s Next Tradeshow

This is Stola’s first appearance at Creativation, but it’s not the only trade show we’ll attend this year. Our products will also be featured at The Inspired Home Show in Chicago from March 14th to March 17th. This will be Stola’s fourth year at the world’s largest housewares show. You can stay up to date on all things Stola by checking back with our blog every other week, or follow our Facebook or Instagram for quick updates. We’ll let you know if Stola will be offered anywhere else in the future. Until then, you can shop our products at Stola’s online store. Happy shopping!

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Hot New Jobs Coming Soon!

It is a pleasure to announce our Company is expanding our business and will be opening a new production facility in Little Rock, Arkansas located in the Port during the summer of 2020. We will be hiring for various positions, including:

• Production Supervisors

• Process Technicians

• Maintenance Technicians

• Forklift Operators

• Machine Operators

• Quality Technicians

• Tool Maintenance

• Warehouse Shipping & Receiving


Lindsey, Little Rock, AR 9.JPG

We will post job openings as we get closer to this very exciting opening date.  If you are interested in applying, we would love to hear from you by sending your resume to Debra Knill at

HMS Volunteers at The Heidelberg Project – Detroit

In early June, HMS Mfg. Co. volunteered at The Heidelberg Project located in the McDougall-Hunt neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan. The Heidelberg Project’s mission is to help improve the lives of people and neighborhoods through art. Seven employees spent an afternoon helping to clean up a new site recently acquired by the organization. 

The project is predominantly an open air, outdoor art installation in the heart of a Detroit urban area. Public visitors can walk down Heidelberg Street and view the art installations daily. Sculptures and urban art pieces line the street along with houses—some of which have been turned into art as part of the project. 

summer 3.jpg

The artist behind this block-long undertaking of art is Tyree Guyton, who grew up on Heidelberg Street in Detroit. The project was started in 1986 and now has a staff, a board of directors, and several volunteers. HMS employees worked with some volunteers and staff to clean up the area around the newly acquired House of Love. You can scroll down to see the before and after photos of the area. 

In addition to helping the community through this art installation, The Heidelberg Project sponsors the Heidelberg Arts Leadership Academy. The academy offers in-school and after-school sessions to help empower Detroit students in grades 4 through 12. 

If you are interested in learning more about The Heidelberg Project, their mission, and their community involvement, you can follow this link to visit their website. This is one of many organizations HMS employees have volunteered at over the years. Each employee is allowed an annual volunteer day during the work week to volunteer where they choose. We’ll post more HMS volunteering updates in the future. You can visit The Heidelberg Project’s Get Involved tab on their website to learn more about how to volunteer or donate.

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer for HMS Mfg. Co. 

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HMS Volunteers at Arts & Scraps – Detroit

In April, six HMS Mfg. Co. employees, including our president Janet Sofy, volunteered for an afternoon at Arts & Scraps in Detroit. This nonprofit organization uses recycled and donated crafting materials and art supplies to create learning opportunities for 275,000 children annually in the Metro Detroit area and surrounding communities.



Our employees spent the afternoon sorting and prepping materials that will be used to teach children STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) through creative, hands-on learning.  Overall, HMS’ volunteer efforts were estimated to benefit hundreds of children.


Arts & Scraps has been serving children in Michigan communities for 30 years and they’re always looking for volunteers and donations to continue to offer their learning experiences. Follow this link if you would like to donate to this organization, or you can also do a group volunteer session. 

They use donated industrial scraps to help provide creative experiences for 3,300 community organizations and classrooms. This organization recycles around 28 tons of materials each year, successfully reusing donated materials that can’t be recycled in a traditional manner. You can learn more about Arts & Scraps and their vision on the about page of their website. 

In addition to their community work, Arts & Scraps also sells crafting kits for groups of children. You can also visit their Detroit store to shop for unique crafting supplies. This is one of many organizations HMS employees have volunteered at over the years. Each employee is allowed an annual volunteer day to volunteer where they choose during a work day. We’ll post more HMS volunteering updates in the future. Make sure to check out Arts & Scraps and see how you can help with their mission.


Written and Published by Jessica – Writer for HMS Mfg. Co.

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Hefty ® SHRINK-PAK Launches Chainwide at Walmart®

SHRINK-PAK, HMS’ line of vacuum storage and compression bags, launched at all Walmart® stores across the United States in April. Previously only in 500 stores, our 15 SHRINK-PAK products are now offered chainwide at Walmart®. These compression storage bags are designed to save space in your home.



SHRINK-PAK is offered in a variety of sizes: medium, large, XL, and jumbo. This versatility allows consumers to store multiple belongings in these vacuum bags. SHRINK-PAK is great for storing seasonal clothing, blankets, bedding sets, and cushions. You can change out and store seasonal wardrobes and bedding with these space saving bags. They also protect from dirt, mildew, insects, and odors*, so you can store them in the basement or garage.


In addition to the various sizes, there is also different types of SHRINK-PAK. Consumers can choose from vacuum storage bags, XL storage cubes, travel bags, and hanging bags. Travel bags don’t require a vacuum; you can simply press the air out of them to save room in luggage.

Aside from the travel bag, all the SHRINK-PAK products are dual-use and can be compressed with or without a vacuum. The hanging bags are great for dresses, suits, and other keepsake clothing. 

We also offer heavy duty SHRINK-PAK bags that are made from a thicker material and two new SHRINK-PAK products that feature a longer zipper and wider opening for easier packing. SHRINK-PAK is the perfect comprehensive storage solution. 

Stop in at any Walmart® store to browse our SHRINK-PAK offerings, or shop from your couch on

*Provided contents are clean and dry before enclosed 

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer for HMS Mfg. Co. 

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Stola™: Housewares Show Edition

This weekend, HMS Mfg. Co. products, including our new Stola™ line, will be appearing at The International Home + Housewares Show at the McCormick Center in Chicago, Illinois. First featured at the housewares show in 2017, the Stola™ section has grown over time and will feature seven products this year, including the five products listed here on the website. The International Home + Housewares Show spans over a 4-day period, usually held between late February and Mid-March. Read on to learn more about our presence at the world’s largest housewares show.


The International Home + Housewares Show is a popular event known across the industry. Attendees—both buyers and manufactures—take notice of which companies participate. HMS Mfg. Co. uses the show as a presentation opportunity to showcase our products to current and prospective buyers. Our booth’s innovation room allows our sales team to meet with buyers to recap our past relationship, talk about the present, and strategize for the future. 

HMS Mfg. Co. has attended this show every year since 2006, making this our 14th year in a row. Our Director of Sales at the time viewed the show as an opportunity to increase product sales and expand business. Our continued presence at the show has become an expectation to our customers, so we continue to attend.


For HMS Mfg. Co., the housewares show is a huge project that involves almost every department. It takes several months to get everything ready for the show, including layout design, prototypes, and the overall development of our booth. The booth’s graphics and illustrations are some of our company’s best creative work every year. Like the cross-departmental teamwork it took to create the Stola™ brand, the housewares show is a cooperative effort throughout the HMS Mfg. Co. staff. 

Stola™ at HMS Mfg. Co.


Though Stola™ is only one of many sections at the show, we hope to grow and include more products in the future. Some of our staff are already in Chicago and more will get to travel there today and this weekend to check out the International Home + Housewares Show. This is a big weekend for our company, so thanks for taking the time to learn more about HMS Mfg. Co., the company that started Stola™.

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand

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Stola™ Go Live! Navigating Our Official Website Launch

Read through this post to learn more about navigating our site and what kind of features you’ll find throughout. In addition to being able to buy some Stola™ products, you can learn a little more about us and the origin of Stola™. 

Every page has an identical header that includes the Stola™ official logo as well as tabs to easily navigate through the site: 

• Home

• About Us

• Shop

• Blog

• Contact Us 

The header also includes a search bar, links to our Stola™ social media sites, and a cart logo that, when clicked on, lets you know what items you’ve added to your cart through a sidebar view.

Home Page


This page is what first pops up when you visit Immediately you’ll see one of Anthony’s* images from the Detroit Stola™ photoshoot he did with Kaitlyn* and Emma*. The Home tab is probably our most extensive page. It includes a few images from the photoshoot, our Stola™ mission statement, Stola™ product features, some customer testimonials, and our official Stola™ collection. There’s also our Instagram feed and the Behind the Hummingbird™ blog at the bottom of the homepage. It updates to feature our six most recent Instagram posts and the three most recent blog posts.

Here you’ll find our Stola™ collection, with featured pictures of all nine items. The collection section will include quick views of all our products, so you can easily view an item’s description and features as well as add items to your cart directly from the home page. Clicking on any image will take you to the full product page, where you can view more product and lifestyle images of the item.

 About Us

Clicking on this tab will allow you to learn more about Stola™ and the team behind it. First, you’re taken through some information about Stola™ and how our products are designed to fit with your busy, on-the-go lifestyle; showing you how life is easier with Stola™. Also, some information about the origins of Stola™, which you read about in our very first blog post. 

Next you get to read more about our logo—the Stola™ hummingbird—and how this brand icon represents our products. Transition from the hummingbird to our last section on this page, about HMS Mfg. Co. being certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).



Our most anticipated page, this is where you can easily shop all of our Stola™ products. All nine current Stola™ items are featured on this page. The Utility Tote, Overnight Tote, Essentials Case, and Full Bin with Lid come in two patterns: Hummingbird Houndstooth and Indigo Banding. The additional item is our File Bin in the Medallion Blossom pattern. Clicking on any item picture on this page will also take you to the individual product page. 


Our Stola™ Behind the Hummingbird™ blog posts have been featured on the main page for the last few months since our initial blog launch, but now they’ll all be featured under the blog tab. You can scroll through all of our previous blog posts in this tab, as well as check out our new posts published most every Tuesday and Friday. Even after buying your Stola™ products, we hope you continue to follow us and check out blog updates for meal prep video posts, life tips and tricks, and decorating advice. Plus, with the official site launch, you can subscribe to our blog newsletter, so you’ll get an email every time a new blog post goes up!

 Contact & Footer

The Contact Us page is straightforward. You’ll be prompted for your name and email, then be able to leave a message. Like the header, the footer on each page is identical. This section goes over required legal information, such as the privacy policy and terms of use. You can also subscribe to our newsletter in the footer and find links to our Stola™ social media sites.

Shop Stola™

We’re excited about our Stola™ products finally launching. It’s been quite a journey to bring Stola™ to you, and we hope you love the brand as much as we do. We’ve been hitting deadlines and having meetings all month to create this site, so please check it out and comment below to let us know what Stola™ products you’re most excited to buy!


*Professionals at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand 

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand 

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