Hefty ® SHRINK-PAK Launches Chainwide at Walmart®

SHRINK-PAK, HMS’ line of vacuum storage and compression bags, launched at all Walmart® stores across the United States in April. Previously only in 500 stores, our 15 SHRINK-PAK products are now offered chainwide at Walmart®. These compression storage bags are designed to save space in your home.



SHRINK-PAK is offered in a variety of sizes: medium, large, XL, and jumbo. This versatility allows consumers to store multiple belongings in these vacuum bags. SHRINK-PAK is great for storing seasonal clothing, blankets, bedding sets, and cushions. You can change out and store seasonal wardrobes and bedding with these space saving bags. They also protect from dirt, mildew, insects, and odors*, so you can store them in the basement or garage.


In addition to the various sizes, there is also different types of SHRINK-PAK. Consumers can choose from vacuum storage bags, XL storage cubes, travel bags, and hanging bags. Travel bags don’t require a vacuum; you can simply press the air out of them to save room in luggage.

Aside from the travel bag, all the SHRINK-PAK products are dual-use and can be compressed with or without a vacuum. The hanging bags are great for dresses, suits, and other keepsake clothing. 

We also offer heavy duty SHRINK-PAK bags that are made from a thicker material and two new SHRINK-PAK products that feature a longer zipper and wider opening for easier packing. SHRINK-PAK is the perfect comprehensive storage solution. 

Stop in at any Walmart® store to browse our SHRINK-PAK offerings, or shop from your couch on Walmart.com.

*Provided contents are clean and dry before enclosed 

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer for HMS Mfg. Co. 

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