HMS Congratulates Sean Nasrey for winning a Detroit Music Award

Sean Nasrey, a Purchasing & Production Specialist at HMS, won a Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Children’s/Family Music Band. It was the first-ever online edition of the awards show and featured surprise guests such as Sting, Jeff Daniels, and Alice Cooper.


Sean plays the drums, kazoo, and performs vocals for Mr. Bob’s Rubber Band. The band performs for preschools, elementary schools, and even middle schools. Their tunes include nursery rhymes, covers of Motown, Beatles, Elvis, and even pop songs from Taylor Swift. Instead of “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” the band plays “50 Ways to Get to School.”


Sean has been playing music professionally since his early teenage years. He has played in a wide variety of bands spanning across musical genres. He once toured the Midwest and had dreams to make it big. Now he just plays for the love of music, not as a profession. The other band members are Bob Mervak on keys and vocals and Takashi Iio on bass and vocals.

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