Stola™ Go Live! Navigating Our Official Website Launch

Read through this post to learn more about navigating our site and what kind of features you’ll find throughout. In addition to being able to buy some Stola™ products, you can learn a little more about us and the origin of Stola™. 

Every page has an identical header that includes the Stola™ official logo as well as tabs to easily navigate through the site: 

• Home

• About Us

• Shop

• Blog

• Contact Us 

The header also includes a search bar, links to our Stola™ social media sites, and a cart logo that, when clicked on, lets you know what items you’ve added to your cart through a sidebar view.

Home Page


This page is what first pops up when you visit Immediately you’ll see one of Anthony’s* images from the Detroit Stola™ photoshoot he did with Kaitlyn* and Emma*. The Home tab is probably our most extensive page. It includes a few images from the photoshoot, our Stola™ mission statement, Stola™ product features, some customer testimonials, and our official Stola™ collection. There’s also our Instagram feed and the Behind the Hummingbird™ blog at the bottom of the homepage. It updates to feature our six most recent Instagram posts and the three most recent blog posts.

Here you’ll find our Stola™ collection, with featured pictures of all nine items. The collection section will include quick views of all our products, so you can easily view an item’s description and features as well as add items to your cart directly from the home page. Clicking on any image will take you to the full product page, where you can view more product and lifestyle images of the item.

 About Us

Clicking on this tab will allow you to learn more about Stola™ and the team behind it. First, you’re taken through some information about Stola™ and how our products are designed to fit with your busy, on-the-go lifestyle; showing you how life is easier with Stola™. Also, some information about the origins of Stola™, which you read about in our very first blog post. 

Next you get to read more about our logo—the Stola™ hummingbird—and how this brand icon represents our products. Transition from the hummingbird to our last section on this page, about HMS Mfg. Co. being certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).



Our most anticipated page, this is where you can easily shop all of our Stola™ products. All nine current Stola™ items are featured on this page. The Utility Tote, Overnight Tote, Essentials Case, and Full Bin with Lid come in two patterns: Hummingbird Houndstooth and Indigo Banding. The additional item is our File Bin in the Medallion Blossom pattern. Clicking on any item picture on this page will also take you to the individual product page. 


Our Stola™ Behind the Hummingbird™ blog posts have been featured on the main page for the last few months since our initial blog launch, but now they’ll all be featured under the blog tab. You can scroll through all of our previous blog posts in this tab, as well as check out our new posts published most every Tuesday and Friday. Even after buying your Stola™ products, we hope you continue to follow us and check out blog updates for meal prep video posts, life tips and tricks, and decorating advice. Plus, with the official site launch, you can subscribe to our blog newsletter, so you’ll get an email every time a new blog post goes up!

 Contact & Footer

The Contact Us page is straightforward. You’ll be prompted for your name and email, then be able to leave a message. Like the header, the footer on each page is identical. This section goes over required legal information, such as the privacy policy and terms of use. You can also subscribe to our newsletter in the footer and find links to our Stola™ social media sites.

Shop Stola™

We’re excited about our Stola™ products finally launching. It’s been quite a journey to bring Stola™ to you, and we hope you love the brand as much as we do. We’ve been hitting deadlines and having meetings all month to create this site, so please check it out and comment below to let us know what Stola™ products you’re most excited to buy!


*Professionals at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand 

Written and Published by Jessica – Writer at HMS Mfg. Co. for the Stola™ brand 

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